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Wheat starch is lacto-fermented for about two years, then washed and steamed for one week to make kuzumochi, which has a two day shelf life. The kuzumochi is then vacuum-packed and heat sterilized to extend its shelf life to 10 days. You can enjoy the unique aroma, light sourness, and moist elasticity produced by the fermentation. Please enjoy it with plenty of molasses and soybean flour. It is also a good Tokyo souvenir. Please eat it as soon as possible after taking it out of the bag.

Product Information

Best-by date10days
Raw materials Hisaju rice cake (wheat starch), brown sugar (sugar, syrup, brown sugar, glucose, glucose-fructose liquid sugar, salt), soybean flour (soybean)
AllergenContains wheat and soybeans
Nutrition Facts1 package 120g calories 165kcal, protein 2.7g, fat 1.3g, carbohydrate 36.0g, salt equivalent 0.05g
Time of SaleAll year round

Note : Edo Kuzumochi is a healthful Japanese confectionery that is naturally fermented for 730 days, contains no preservatives, is vegetable-based, contains no eggs or dairy products, and is gluten-free.

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  • 16pcs.
    Paper box
    ¥840 (tax included)


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