Lemon syrup

Cool and refreshing lemon harmony

Plain Kuzumochi with lemon peel and lemon syrup. For the lemon peel, we used whole lemons from Osakikamijima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the Seto Inland Sea, which are bathed in sunlight and have a fresh aroma and strong acidity. The lemon syrup is an elegant and refreshing blend of sugar and lemon juice. Please enjoy the harmony of the elasticity of the Hisayu mochi, the lemon peel, and the lemon nectar.

Product Information

Best-by date2 days
Raw materialsKuzumochi (wheat starch), lemon nectar (sugar, lemon juice), lemon peel (sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice)
AllergenContains wheat
販売時期Limited season

Note : Edo Kuzumochi is a healthful Japanese confectionery that is naturally fermented for 730 days, contains no preservatives, is vegetable-based, contains no eggs or dairy products, and is gluten-free.

Product Images

  • 8pcs.
    Mini (paper bag)
    ¥432(tax included)


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