Heart Kuzumochi
Premium Plum

Like an apricot! Nanko Ume Kyuju Mochi

Fully ripened Nanko plums from Minabe-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, are lavishly made into syrup and jam. The sweet aroma of ume is so rich that it could be mistaken for apricot. The moment you take a sip, you will feel the fresh flavor spreading in your mouth.

Product Information

Best-by date2 days
Raw materialsKuzumochi (wheat starch, dried plums) Nanko-ume honey (sugar, Nanko-ume) Nanko-ume peel (Nanko-ume, sugar)
AllergenContains wheat
Time of SaleScheduled to be on sale from May

Note : Edo Kuzumochi is a healthful Japanese confectionery that is naturally fermented for 730 days, contains no preservatives, is vegetable-based, contains no eggs or dairy products, and is gluten-free.

Product Images

  • 5pcs.¥691(tax included)
    Paper box ¥1,296 (tax included)
    wooden box ¥1,547 (tax included)


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