Original Goods
Tenugui (hand-towel)

Each tenugui hand towel is hand-dyed by craftsmen.

The pattern of Kuzumochi, whose name means "to pray for long life and good health," is arranged in a wave-like pattern using a special dyeing technique called "shizome," a traditional Japanese craft. Kuzumochi gift packaging is available by advance reservation.

Product Information

Price¥1,320 (tax included)
ColorNavy blue, light blue, pink, red
Material100% cotton
Time of SaleAll year round

Note : Edo Kuzumochi is a healthful Japanese confectionery that is naturally fermented for 730 days, contains no preservatives, is vegetable-based, contains no eggs or dairy products, and is gluten-free.

Product Images

  • Navy blue
    ¥1,320 (tax included)

  • Light blue
    ¥1,320 (tax included)

  • Red
    ¥1,320 (tax included)

  • Pink
    ¥1,320 (tax included)


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